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  1. Donnant rendez-vous aux joueurs la nuit du 6 au 7 décembre 2018, la prochaine édition des Game Awards fera une nouvelle fois le point sur les productions les plus remarquables de l'année, mais aussi sur celles à venir. À quelques jours de l'événement,... Afficher la totalité du billet
  2. En plus des casques, claviers et souris, nous avons rajouté une corde à notre arc cette année, en commençant doucement mais surement à évaluer les différentes manettes disponibles sur le marché. Un domaine où de plus en plus de fabricants tentent de développer... Afficher la totalité du billet
  3. Très discret depuis la sortie de Batman : Arkham VR, Rocksteady Studios travaille sur une nouvelle production... reste à savoir laquelle. En ce sens, l'une des rumeurs les plus populaires a récemment été balayée d'un revers de la main par l'entreprise... Afficher la totalité du billet
  4. Tremblez mortels ! Après Guerre et Mort, voici venir Fury. Darksiders est de retour pour une nouvelle aventure diabolique. Que les fans se réjouissent, les cavaliers de l'Apocalypse n'ont pas perdu de leur mordant, et c'est avec plaisir que l'on prend... Afficher la totalité du billet
  5. Relativement absente de l'actualité ces dernières années, la franchise Diablo semble revenir en force avec de multiples épisodes en préparation sur des plateformes diverses. Plusieurs d'entre eux promettent de se montrer en 2019. Dans un forum Battle.net... Afficher la totalité du billet
  6. Pour beaucoup, Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu et Évoli sont des versions à part, des épisodes détournés du public hardcore et des mises en bouche avant un "véritable" épisode l'année prochaine. Il ne s'agit pas, néanmoins, de la vision du réalisateur Junichi... Afficher la totalité du billet
  7. Initialement prévue pour le printemps dernier, la version Nintendo Switch de Firewatch a un peu erré dans les bois mais retrouve finalement son chemin, et arrivera à destination dans quelques semaines. L'excellent jeu d'aventure champêtre de Campo Santo... Afficher la totalité du billet
  8. Comme chaque jour, la rédaction vous propose de faire un petit tour d'horizon des news les plus importantes de la journée : * Kingdom Hearts III : des images de la PS4 Kingdom Hearts III Edition destinée au Japon : Le compte Twitter japonais de PlayStation... Afficher la totalité du billet
  9. L'hiver approche à grand pas, et Noël aussi, pour finir en beauté cette fin d'année, nous vous proposons de découvrir les sorties majeures de ce mois de décembre ! On commence ce mois-ci avec Just Cause 4 avec le retour du protagoniste Rico Rodriguez,... Afficher la totalité du billet
  10. A month after Red Dead Redemption 2 first released, its online multiplayer portion is now in beta. Red Dead Online borrows from both GTA Online as well as the multiplayer portions of the original Red Dead Redemption and incorporates RDR 2's massive open world, with all its fine details and mechanics. But Red Dead Online lacks what made that vast, slow, meticulous world work, and as a result it leaves the weakest parts of it painfully exposed. Red Dead Redemption 2--the single-player experience--is not concerned with your priorities. There are plenty of side distractions, and a few details will change here and there depending on your honor, but there are some missions you just can't roleplay--you're locked into one playstyle or one outcome. That can be frustrating in the moment, but it's also a brilliant narrative device, one that gives you deeper insight into Arthur and his own struggle between what he wants to be and what he is. The fight against the game's guiding hand is what gives the story its impact; you have to be a little tired of Red Dead Redemption 2 to fully appreciate what it's trying to do narratively. All that is to say Red Dead Redemption 2 is not what I'd call "fun." In single-player, that's a good thing. But in Red Dead Online, the things that don't always feel good to play--the need to eat and sleep, the limited fast travel options, the often clumsy gunplay--have nothing to anchor them. There's a small amount of story content at the moment, but nothing so engaging and personal as to give you a purpose in this world. The purpose, it seems, is either to kill or be killed, and frequently, though there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to kill another player except to create chaos. Currently, it's difficult to achieve anything or get anywhere without being killed, disconnected from the server, or both. But even when you do get to play the game, it feels dated. Your character is understandably silent, and NPCs even acknowledge it, commenting often on your reticence. But the disconnect between your character and the rest of the world is pronounced. A solo mission given by Red Dead Redemption's Bonnie MacFarlane, for example, involves a brief cutscene to give context, and then you're tasked with the chore of locating and returning a cart of hers. When you return with the cart, there's nothing--no cutscene, no acknowledgment from Bonnie at all. Just a pop-up with your slim reward. Competitive multiplayer fares a little better. The snappy auto-aim is useful and gives some modes a looser, more fun feel, despite the clumsy gunplay, and getting headshots still takes skill. But movement is also clumsy, and it drags down the head-to-head modes. Accidentally ambling over rocks or struggling to mantle over a wall during a gunfight grinds everything to a halt, and the frustration is hard to shake. Red Dead Redemption 2 as a whole is a lonely game filled with things to do. In single-player, riding alone through the plains and looking up at an enormous, open sky is powerful. In Red Dead Online, your emotional connection to the world and its inhabitants is missing entirely. There's also a lack of content in general--you can wrap up the story missions in a number of hours, and after that, you're left mainly to scrounge for money and wander aimlessly. In its current form, there's nothing about Red Dead Online that makes me want to keep playing. It just makes me want to go back to Arthur's story. As much as I like Red Dead Redemption 2, I would be more compelled to play Red Dead Online if it shedded the single-player's more belabored mechanics and opted for a faster, looser approach to the Wild West. The multiplayer experience would be better as a Western playground in earnest, rather than the blend of slow, solitary activities with potentially fun multiplayer chaos that it currently is. If GTA Online is any indication, there's a lot of potential for Rockstar to iterate upon and expand Red Dead Online, both in the amount of content available and the nature of that content. But for now, I'll stick with Arthur and the gang. Afficher la totalité du billet
  11. A new seasonal event has begun in Monster Hunter World. The Winter Star Fest is now underway on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing an assortment of new and returning Event Quests, as well as new winter-themed armor and other content, to the game for a limited time. During the event, the Gathering Hub is decorated with ornaments, tinsel, and other wintry decorations. You'll receive two Lucky Vouchers as part of your daily login bonus rather than the usual one. Capcom is also giving players one free Winter Star Ticket. Winter Star Tickets can also be earned by completing daily limited bounties; if you collect enough of them, you'll be able to forge the new Santa-themed Orion α and Orion armor, pictured below. You'll also be able to exchange the Winter Star Tickets for a snowman armor set for your Palico, and a new Event Quest--Timberland Troublemakers--will reward you with Bristly Crake Tickets which can be used to make the ridiculous-looking Bristly Pincushion hammer. On top of that, Capcom says "almost all" previous Event Quests, including those that were exclusive to the Summer Twilight Fest event, will return, giving you another chance to craft the Wiggler helm and other items. You can find the full event schedule on the official Monster Hunter World website. Finally, all facilities will hold sales on in-game items throughout the Winter Star Fest, and a new seasonal platter is available in the Gathering Hub. Capcom has also added new winter coats for both the Handler and your Poogie. The Winter Star Fest is scheduled to run through December 17. Afficher la totalité du billet
  12. After many rumors and teases, Niantic finally announced that PvP Trainer Battles are on the way to Pokemon Go. The developer hasn't confirmed when the highly requested feature will go live, but it did share some more details about how it'll work via Twitter. While it's still unclear how Trainer Battles are initiated, Niantic revealed that there will be three separate Trainer Battle Leagues: Great, Ultra, and Master. Each League features a different Combat Power limit for your Pokemon: in the Great League, each monster can have a maximum of 1,500 CP; Ultra League's limited is 2,500 CP per Pokemon; and Master League features no CP restriction. "When designing Trainer Battles, we wanted to create an experience that everyone can enjoy and ensure that different kinds of Pokémon can show their strengths," Niantic wrote. "With Leagues in Trainer Battles, we hope to create a system that’s accessible to many Trainers." Beyond that, there is still much we don't know about how PvP matches will operate. While the first teaser screenshot that Niantic shared looks similar to Trainer Battles from the core Pokemon games, it's still unclear whether Go's Trainer Battles will use the same combat system as Gym and Raid Battles--which ultimately boil down to tapping the screen quickly--or something closer to the main series. We won't have to wait much longer to learn more. Niantic says Trainer Battles will roll out for Pokemon Go "soon" and that additional details are on the way. In the meantime, Pokemon Go's latest Community Day is underway. This one runs through the entire weekend and brings back all of the featured Pokemon and special moves from previous Community Days. Niantic is also bringing back six Legendaries for December's Field Research tasks. Afficher la totalité du billet
  13. Rumors have circulated for some time that Rocksteady Games, the developer of the core Batman Arkham series, was at work on a new Superman game. With The Game Awards coming up next week and promising 10 new game announcements, there had been some speculation that such a project could be announced during the show. In fact, Rocksteady won't announce a new game at the show, nor is its in-development project a Superman game, according to the studio. Rocksteady game director Sefton Hill tempered expectations on Twitter, stating, "Looking forward to #TheGameAwards this year! We're still hard at work in our development bunker so don't expect an announcement from @Rocksteadygames. When it's ready to show, you'll be the first to know. Spoiler: it's not Superman." That doesn't necessarily rule out Superman being present in the studio's next game--some have their fingers crossed for a wide-ranging Justice League game--but it seems clear that it won't be a dedicated Superman game. He could of course be trying to throw fans off the scent, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Rocksteady job listings from earlier this year revealed the studio is working on what it's deemed a triple-A game, as you'd expect. But what was more notable was the mention of it coming to "next generation platforms," which would suggest it's potentially years away from release. While Rocksteady is known for its partnership with DC, rival Marvel has a new Avengers game coming from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo were recently confirmed to be coming to The Game Awards, and while they're officially only there in the capacity of presenters, it still has fans hoping for some kind of news regarding the as-yet untitled Avengers project or the impending Avengers 4 trailer. Afficher la totalité du billet
  14. It's hardly a week old, but EA's latest shooter, Battlefield V, is already on sale for $40 at Walmart and Best Buy right now. This sale price applies to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game. The deal won't likely last long, so if you've been considering picking up this WWII shooter, you'll want to jump on this deal fast. That's not the only Battlefield V deal going on right now, either. Best Buy also has the deluxe edition on sale for $72 (normally $80) on PS4 and Xbox One. That isn't as big of a discount as the standard edition, but the deluxe edition comes with 20 weekly airlift items, special assignment missions, and five sets of paratrooper outfits. And if you buy the game on any platform from Best Buy, it comes with a free steelbook case. Battlefield V is an online shooter that will be changing and expanding in the months to come. It already has a single-player campaign called War Stories and a number of multiplayer modes. Between now and March 2019, Electronic Arts will be releasing a slew of free content, including new modes, maps, a new Grand Operations mission, and a battle royale mode called Firestorm. In our Battlefield V review, Michael Higham scored the game 8/10, writing, "The Battlefield series has a winning formula that Battlefield V doesn't deviate far from, at least for now. Conquest and the map roster don't mesh well together, however, Grand Operations--and the other modes within it--steal the show and foster some of the greatest moments the franchise has offered. You might be surprised by the impact of the slight changes made for this entry, especially when you're deep into pushing or defending objectives in Frontlines alongside teammates fulfilling their roles. That's when Battlefield V is at its best." PS4 Standard Edition $40 -- Walmart $40 -- Best Buy Deluxe Edition $72 -- Best Buy Xbox One Standard Edition $40 -- Walmart $40 -- Best Buy Deluxe Edition $72 -- Best Buy PC Standard Edition $40 -- Best Buy Afficher la totalité du billet
  15. It's been an exciting week for Destiny 2 players, as not only did it mark the start of Season 5 with a new update, but we learned about much of the content coming in Black Armory and in the coming months. The weekend has now arrived, which means a new visit from the mysterious merchant Xur. He has an array of Exotic items for sale, as you can see in the video above; here's what he has and where to find him. Finding Xur is no different in the new season than it has been over the past 15 months. This week, Xur is located on Nessus. Head to the Watcher's Grave landing zone, hop on your Sparrow, and head straight and to the left. You'll quickly see a giant tree; make your way to the base and climb the branch outward to find Xur. Bungie has revealed new Exotics coming to the game, so does that mean Xur's wares are more exciting than usual? If you're asking that question, you probably already know the answer--nope. It's another slate of Year One Exotics, with one weapon and one piece of armor each for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. The weapon is Riskrunner, the fun submachine gun that causes chain lightning to damage enemies. Hunters get the gauntlets Young Ahamkara's Spine (giving you enhanced tripmines when causing ability damage). Warlocks get the Karnstein Armlets gauntlets (melee kills restore health). And Titans get the Armamentarium chest armor (providing an extra grenade charge). Yes, this means both Warlocks and Titans actually have the same items for sale as last week, though Year Two versions of armor do at least have the chance to sport different perks. Riskrunner (Exotic submachine gun) -- 29 Legendary Shards Young Ahamkara's Spine (Exotic Hunter gauntlets) -- 23 Legendary Shards Karnstein Armlets (Exotic Warlock gauntlets) -- 23 Legendary Shards Armamentarium (Exotic Titan chest armor) -- 23 Legendary Shards Xur also has the Fated Engram for sale, which is expensive but guarantees to decrypt into a Year One Exotic you don't already own. You have until the weekly reset on Tuesday, December 4 to visit Xur. That day is a big one for the game, as it marks the release of The Black Armory, the first of three expansions releasing as part of the Annual Pass. It introduces the aforementioned new Exotics, a new Raid, and other new content, but it doesn't feature a new campaign. It does, however, increase the Power level cap to 650 (up from the current 600 max). Afficher la totalité du billet


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